SBA/Term Loan/Micro Loan

Eligibility Requirements

Be a For-Profit Business
Do business in the U.S
Have Invested Equity
Exhaust all other Financing Options

Term Loans

A term loan is a bank loan for a stipulated amount with a fixed or floating interest rate and a specified repayment schedule.

Requirements for a Term Loan

Good Credit
Strict Approval Process

Micro Loans

A Micro Loan is a very small loan at short term with a low interest rate. They are a particularly good source of capital for businesses who have never been issued a bank loan. It is an excellent source of smaller loans that most banks are very reluctant to fund. A Micro Loan is best for start up companies that have a much lower capital requirements, and a limited operational history when compared to a larger business.

A Micro Loan is perfect for your business if:

You seek a short term loan with low interest rates.

You are self employed.

You are a new Start-Up with low capital requirements.

You are a small business with only a few employees.

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